School Clubs Page

Welcome to the School Clubs Page.

On this page you will find how your school can get involved with the Wild Edge Archery Academy.

How we set up a regular club for you to help your keen students progress and achieve great success in their journey as an archer.

With groups at a maximum of 12 students, we will be sure to work with induvial to help their needs along the way and adjust there techniques to get them on the centre of the target.

They will work through progress awards to show off there achievement to parents and school friends alike after collecting  them in assembly  from the headteacher with a great sense of pride and confidence.

Here is what the students are saying about the School Archery Academy:

Coming soon; We are just waiting on the reviews from our students on their thoughts about the sessions.


All equipment will be provided for the student to start their journey as an archer.

Coaching from a fully qualified Wild Edge Archery GB coach.

Progress Awards included on achieving different levels.


Minimum age: 8 years old

Maximum group size: 12 students

Length of session: This depends on school timings


If the number of students exceeds 12, Wild Edge can organise extra session to accommodate the students.

Students are to commit to a minimum of a term of archery.


School clubs : 

0- 30 minutes= £8.50 a session, per student. (£85 minimum cost)

30- 60 minutes= £ 10 a session. per student (£100 minimum cost)

60- 90 minutes= £15 a session, per student (£150 minimum cost)