Kit Maintenance

Kit Maintenance:

We understand how exciting it is to get a New bow, but also understand that looking after your new kit is as important. We give you the chance to learn the skills and tips on how to keep your kit in tip top condition. you will learn what to look out for and how to solve it. So why not book yourself on to one of our course and gain the knowledge needed needed to keep an eye on your kit.



  1. Arrow maintenance
  2. Bow String care
  3. Bow care
  4. Set up of new kit
  5. Parts of the bow and arrow
  6. Background Knowledge


These sessions run normally for about an hour at a time and give the student a greater understanding of how to care and maintain there bow, as well as why they need to do this.


The starting cost for one of these sessions is £100 for the hour and will travel up to an hour from our location near Melksham, Wiltshire.

If you live further than an hour, we will charge extra for travel.

Travel time:

  1. Up to an Hour £100
  2. Between 1 hr and 1hr 30 min £150