Competitions/ Tournaments

Welcome to the Matches and Tournaments page where you will see all information needed.

You will find out when and where the next match is happening, as well as timings and entry fee for the event.

What you can expect at our Tournaments:

If you are a part of a school match between two schools (mini match), you will normally be taken by the school to the match by mini bus or will be held by at your school.

If you are taking part in a Wild Edge Archery tournament, you will have to normally  make your own way there with your parents. There will be an entry fee to take part in the event and possibly the chance to buy food while there.

There will be matches designed for individuals who would like to compete in the future and more details of these will follow.

Who’s the match for:

St F Vs PW (sample)

DU Vs MC (sample)

Tournament Type:

Match (sample)

Annual Tournament (sample)

Event Location:

PW (sample)

MC (sample)

Time & Date of event:

2-3pm Saturday 1 July 2021 (sample)

1-4pm Sunday 4th August 2021 (sample)

Event Entry Cost:

Free (sample)

£20 (sample)