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Wild Edge Home Camp

We are having a great time putting together our skills videos for everyone to watch and learn how to do...

Halo ‘Safe Steps’ 35k (22 mile) walk.

Halo ‘Safe Steps’ 35k Walk A wonderfully scenic walk across Salisbury Plain in aid of the Land Mine clearance charity...

What we have been up to.. Archery and Parkour Camps in Salisbury and Pewsy.

New to Wild Edge is the Archery and Parkour camps. These great mini camps combine energy, focus, determination, self discipline...

Alzheimer’s Disease fun run 2019 and Halo Trust Safe Steps.

  A Run in the rain but a great run to raise funds for the charity that is close to...

Bush Craft course in April 2018

My self and my wife decided to venture west to Turo to take part in a wonderful bushcraft course to...

Having fun in the Scotish Mountains

Going north was fun!

Travels in Kenya!

Stories to tell.

Everest Base Camp trail!

More on this fun adventure soon.