Archery Section 2

Well, you have seen it in the films, so why not come along and be your favourite archer, from Legolas (Lord of the Rings) or Katniss (Hunger Games) to Robin Hood. With a 2 hour archery session, you will be given full training on all the equipment to get you up and running just like the professionals.

Come along and try something new and fun!
Where are the archery days held?

The Archery challenge is able to come to you, as long as you have a field of 150m x 60m or a sports hall that is at least 30m long. The area will need to have very short cut grass, due to the risk of loss of arrows.

How much does it cost?

For schools:
School clubs : 
Up to 2 hour archery session is £8.50  per head. Minimum cost of £85.

This includes the wild edge team travelling to the destination with up to an 1 hour 3o minutes of travel time.

*If the journey time is over 1hr 30 min, additional fuel travel charge will be added.