Adult Groups


Here you can find the hunter in you as we put your skills to the test and see who can hit the Golden shot with that eagle eye of yours!

This is a great way to spend 2hrs of fun in the great outdoors developing the true competitive team spirit in all of us as you are given full instruction on all the equipment and tuition through out the session which work towards a final shoot off to see who is the TOP ARCHER and presented with the covered Ancient arrow and certificate to hang up to remember the day, as well as a little something to go home with. Recommend long sleeve tops.

Where: At our venue near Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Call and check before booking to make sure the dates and times are free for your event.
How much does it cost?

For a group of 1 to 4 it will cost £100+ venue hire

For a group of 5 to 8 it will cost £200+ venue hire

For a group of 9 to 12 it will cost £300 + venue hire

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2hr Adult (18+) Archery Session
Name and Telephone No.
Date and time of event.

A wonderful BBQ meal for £10 per person can be provided, but advance booking is required.


Here at Aztec Teams you are put through the challenge of collecting the Aztec Gold from the Temple hidden in the jungle on the desert Island.

Your team have to use those vital problem solving skills to work out and solve the challenges that lay in front of you using communication, leadership and team work. Remember, its all about the gold!…

After all this, there will be a Prize Giving of certificates and a bottle for the one voted as best team member. The session is run over 3hrs.

Where is it held? The venue Near Trowbridge, Wiltshire (advance booking required).

How much does it cost? For a group of 12 it will cost £500

A wonderful BBQ meal for £10 per person can be provided, but advance booking is required.


Here you can have a great Archery Challenge and the challenge of Aztecs in one whole day package, with a great feast included.


Your day starts when you arive at the great location near Calne and are greeted by us.
After a welcome drink you will be taken to your first event of the day. where the Aztec Challenge unfolds infront of you and you are given your first team task. After Shooting waterballoon catapults and crossing ravines it will be lunch time at base camp Wild Edge. Here you dig into your Bush Tucker while chatting to your other team members.

When lunch is finished your next event starts near to the Base Camp. The challenge of being the next Robin Hood! under full instruction, you will be master of archery before you know it! Awards and bottles of wine to be won by the top shot! it could be you…
The day finishes with awards and a thank you from us at Wild Edge.


Where is it held? Wild Edge venue near Calne (advance booking required).
Cost of the Day: Group of 12 is £720
Please note any extra Wild Edgers will be charged £10 for food.