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Well, you have seen it in the films, so why not come along and be your favourite archer, from Legolas (Lord of the Rings) or Katniss (Hunger Games) to Robin Hood. With a 2 hour archery session, you will be given full training on all the equipment to get you up and running just like the professionals.

or your next Archery Birthday Event, Holiday Fun or School Event!

Come along and try something new and fun!
Where are the archery days held?

The Archery challenge is able to come to you, as long as you have a field of 150m x 60m or a sports hall that is at least 30m long. The area will need to have very short cut grass, due to the risk of loss of arrows. During the holiday times, venues can be hired. Advance booking only.
How much does it cost?
For schools and summer schools:

School: Up to 2 hour archery session is £9.00 (one off session) or £8.50 (regular session) per head. Minimum cost of £90.

Summer School: 4hrs at 1 hr sessions for groups of 12 students £350.00. includes up to an 1 hour 3o minutes travel time,

For private birthday (under 18 years): Up to 2 hour archery session is £15.00 per head. Minimum cost of £100.

Free Personal Archery Challenge T-shirt for the birthday student!

A £30 Charge is added for any extra hour and If the journey time is over an hour, fuel charge will be added to the overall cost.


Woodland Challenge Gives you the chance to light fires, build shelters, prepare food and much more exciting new skills to learn!….

Can you take the challenge and live the adventure?
New To Wild Edge: Woodland Challenge

The new 3 hour challenge is a shorter day, where you focus on the four main elements to live in the wild. Ask for further details.
Where is the challenge day held?

If you have a woodland, we can come to you or you can come to us.
How much does it cost?

Cost per group for the 3 hour day: £300
Group size:Group size consists of up to 12 participants and at least one parent.

Food: Food can be bought along and cooked over the warm camp fire!
What is the age group? Age group ranges between 8 years old and up.

Free Personal Woodland Challenge T-shirt for the birthday student!


Your a team of hand picked adventurers that have been sent to explore the ancient world of the Aztecs when your research ship hits a reef and sinks into the depths below. The team scramble onto the life raft where you start drifting to a jungle covered island with golden beaches.

Who would suit Aztec Challenge? The great thing about Aztec challenge is that you could organise it for a birthday with a difference, A fun day out during the holidays and also for schools wanting to bring team groups together using vital communication skills. Why not have a great team event!

How long is the challenges? The challenges can be run over different times. From 3 hours up to 6 hours in length. This is dependant on the size of the group.

Where is the Aztec challenge day held? The great thing about Aztec Challenge is that it is able to come to your door step. As long as you have a good size open field, we can run it for you.

When do the courses run? They are held in the school holidays and half-terms or the odd Sunday during term time.

How much does it cost? For 12 students 3 hours is £300.

(could be as little as £25 per head) Any extra students over the stated amount will be charged @ £20 per head.)

Group size: The group size is a maximum of 12 per group

What is the age group? Age group is 8 years old and above.

A Free Wild Edge AZTEC T-shirt for the birthday student when booking!